GEORGETTE CRIMSON IS A CONTEMPORARY APPAREL & ACCESSORIES BRAND DESIGNED BY LOS ANGELES NATIVE, TINA REITH. Our design ethos creates unapologetically feminine, playful pieces that balance timeless preppiness with a west coast spirit. our design directives don't change from season to season, we simply add to the story.


behind the name

georgette is both a name that reith has always loved, and a fabric that is light and playful. crimson is both a color and the latter part of the name from a progressive rock band, called king crimson. reith found it to be a symbol for love - it's passionate, yet brooding, creating a nice tension between the two names.



we believe in achieving sustainability through product longevity and social consciousness. our apparel is created with a combination of environmentally friendly new materials, as well as luxury rePURPOSED fabrications. for our handbags, we use only the finest quality leather, so that each piece will age beautifully, evolving with the wearer over time. all pieces are created with local artisans in los angeles.